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Dalian Wanda Commercial Management Group Co., Ltd. (“DWCMG”) is a global leading commercial properties holding, managing and operating enterprise. It was established in September 2002 and subsequently converted as a whole into a joint-stock company in December 2009. With a registered capital of RMB 4.52 billion, it is Dalian Wanda Group's sole business platform for commercial property investments and operations. On December 23rd, 2014, it was listed in Hong Kong (3699.HK) and later delisted itself on September 27th, 2016.

As China’s first large-scale commercial property investor and operator with a nationwide footprint, DWCMG has undoubtedly earned its position as China’s leading player in the commercial property industry. As of 2017, DWCMG had opened 235 Wanda plazas in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming and other cities all over China, holding 31.51 million square meters of property space and receiving 3.19 billion visitors annually.

Wanda Plaza is a leading global commercial brand providing services that facilitate functions such as social networking, entertainment, catering and retail, and forming independent business districts in surrounding areas, enabling the plazas to be the center of the city.

DWCMG's core business includes the investment, development and operational management of commercial properties, aiming to establish offline consumption platforms. The company’s main services include investment property leasing and property management, as well as hotel businesses.

The urban complexes named after “Wanda Plaza” are currently the leading commercial real estate product both at home and abroad, bringing significant social and economic benefits including the following:

● Provide a broad development platform for commerce, culture, entertainment, sports, catering and other service sectors, sequentially stimulating industrial restructuring of the host city.

● Meet all kinds of requirements and create new demand to effectively stimulate and increase consumption.

● Build a new city center, improve the function of urban areas, and facilitate more balanced development.

● Create a large number of jobs.

● Bring together many well-known domestic and foreign companies to achieve sustainable commercial prosperity and continuously generate  huge amounts of tax revenues.

DWCMG has gradually formed its unique core competitive advantages which are reflected in many aspects, such as a strong innovation capability, a complete industry chain that covers all aspects of the commercial property business, a large and diversified property portfolio and network layout, excellent execution, professional commercial management ability, outstanding corporate culture and remarkable brand impact, etc. Thanks to the core competitiveness outlined above, DWCMG has rapidly replicated its urban complex model across the nation, becoming the sole domestic company that has invested in and operates urban complexes with a nationwide footprint.

In recent years, DWCMG came up with the “asset-light” strategy, a novel investment and funding model that utilizes the company's rich experience in commercial property development and operations, strong resource integration ability and outstanding brand effect to invest in building Wanda Plazas in cities that have commercial potential by introducing third-party investors and social funds. Through this means, DWCMG gets to make use of its diversified funding sources to obtain more investment in order to reduce the company’s reliance on property sales revenue. In addition, DWCMG gets to take full advantage of its expertise in commercial property operations and management to expedite its layout in cities with potential. In that way, the company can further expand its advantage as a first-mover of large scale that also enjoys a sound network effect and brand effect to build up an even stronger offline consumption platform, facilitating its membership system and online-offline integration, eventually securing the company’s premier position in the industry.