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The Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. (“DWCP”) was established in September 2002 and subsequently converted as a whole into a joint-stock company in December 2009. With a registered capital of RMB 4.52 billion, it is Dalian Wanda Group's sole business platform for commercial property investments and operations. DWCP's core business includes commercial property investments and operations management, and its core product is the urban complex named as "Wanda Plaza".

DWCP had opened 185 Wanda Plazas across China. The company also operates 90 five-star or super-five-star hotels. As China’s first large-scale commercial property investor and operator with a nationwide footprint, DWCP has undoubtedly earned its position as China’s leading player in the commercial property industry.

DWCP's core business includes:

Investment and operation of commercial centers which are predominantly large shopping centers (referred to as "commercial centers");development and operation of 5-star or super 5-star hotels (referred to as "luxury hotels");business operation and property management (referred to as "commercial management");development and sales of office, apartment and residential buildings (referred to as "property sales").

These core business segments provide mutual support to one another and help each other rise to higher levels, thereby forming an organically integrated business structure. DWCP’s core business model is to develop and operate urban complexes with commercial centers as the core while fully exploring the linkage effects among different business segments.

The urban complex, named "Wanda Plaza", is currently the leading global commercial property product, with significant social and economic benefits, such as:

  • Provide a broad development platform for service industries such as commerce & trade, culture, entertainment, sports and food & beverages, thereby promoting industrial restructuring in the cities where the complexes are located;
  • Fully satisfy and create consumer demands, thus effectively driving and stimulating consumption;
  • Create new urban commercial centers, improve the function of urban areas, and promote the balanced development of the cities;
  • Create a large number of jobs;
  • Bring together dozens of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, sustain business prosperity and create continued large tax revenue sources.

DWCP has gradually formed its unique core competitive advantages which are reflected in the integrated business chain, outstanding ability in procuring resources, unique "customized developing model", mature profit model, efficient control and enforcement capacity, excellent corporate culture and preeminent brand influence. Relying on these core competencies, DWCP has rapidly replicated the product model of Wanda Plazas nationwide, thereby becoming the only urban complex investor and operator to achieve national distribution currently.

Going forward, DWCP will utilize the branding effect of "Wanda Plaza" to continue to focus on expanding the market in first-tier cities, strategically expand its distribution layout in second and third tier cities and strive to take hold of a certain amount of market share in each regional market, hence consolidating and further enhancing the long-term competitive advantages of its national distribution layout.

DWCP's long-term strategic goal is to consolidate its status of being Asia's No.1 commercial property company, strive to become the leading developer and operator in the global commercial property industry, and eventually become the largest global commercial property company in terms of the GFA of investment property, thereby achieving its vision of "International Wanda, Centennial Business".